Removing Sources from an Import Session

  1. Add Sources to an Import Session
  2. Expand whichever Custodian contains the desired sources by clicking the CaseDashboardImportExpandCustodian button.
  3. From here, you can remove sources in the following ways:
    1. Select any top-level source(s) you want to completely remove, and then click the Delete Sources button. This can also be done after sources have been committed.
    2. Click the edit... link under the Folders column for any top-level source to open the Folder Selection window. From here, you can exclude individual sub-folders from that source.
    ⚠️ Once sources have been committed to a custodian, the edit... link changes to a view... link, and you will be unable to change sub-folder selections.


  4. Within the Folder Selection window, use the check-boxes to deselect any individual sub-folders that you want excluded, and then click OK to save any changes.

    💡 Once sources have been committed to a custodian, the Folder Selection window becomes read-only.


  5. When you're finished removing sources, you'll be ready to take the following actions as desired:

    1. Change the Import Session Label/Name

    2. Click Start Import at the top-right to begin importing any uncommitted sources.

    💡 Once the import has started, all sources will become permanently committed to their respective custodians.