Changing the Import Session Label/Name

  1. From the Case Manager tab, double-click on the desired Case to open it, and then navigate to the Import sub-tab.
  2. From here, there are two ways to change the Session name:
    1. Use the [New Session] drop-down to select a previous session label. The selected session will be appended.
    2. Click the Change... link to open the Edit Import Session Label window, allowing you to enter a new session name.


  3. From the Edit import Session Label window, enter a new session name into the box provided, and then click OK to apply it.
  4. You can also click the Auto-Generate link at the top-right to let Explore choose a suitable name, based on the current date and number of completed sessions.


  5. Once the desired session label is set, you'll be ready to take the following actions as desired:
    1. Add Sources to the Import Session
    2. Remove Sources from the Import Session
    3. Click Start Import at the top-right to begin importin any uncommitted sources.
💡 Once the import has started, all sources will become permanently committed to their respective custodians.