CloudNine Review: What is the Production Request Form?

The Production Request Form is used to submit a request to the CloudNine Services team to complete your production.

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There are two ways to produce data out of CloudNine Review. 

  • Self Service Productions, located inside the Project under Tools -> Downloads/Productions -> Self Service Productions. Click here for information on Self Service Productions.
  • Select the Production Request Form in the CloudNine Review Project under the Training & Support menu to complete production specifications and submit them to the CloudNine Client Services team.  

There are several reasons you may ask the CloudNine Services Team to complete your production. Some of the reasons customers choose this method are: 

  • You have a policy of how much data you will process in-house, whether loading (importing) data or producing (exporting) data.  
  • You do not have the time or staff to complete the production request. 
  • There are special requirements/specifications for the production.
  • Your negotiated contract includes production consulting from the Client Services Team. 

Regardless of your reasons, we understand the challenges productions can bring. The Production Request Form allows you to submit a production request directly to our Client Services team. You will receive an email letting you know the production has been received.  Our team will review the production request, and either begin the production or follow up with any additional questions. 

Accessing the Production Request Form

  1. Log in to CloudNine Review, and on the My Projects page select the Project for your production. 
  2. On the menu bar, select Training & Support -> Production Request Form


The Production Request Form appears. Complete the request in as much detail as possible, then click Submit. Client Services will review the information provided, following up with any questions they may have.