When you want to sort email and attachment records by DateSent but attachments do not have the field populated.

LAW has a run command that populates the field value from a parent record into the same field on a child or attachment records. The simplest approach is to use the command to populate DateSent in the attachment records.

 This article covers the steps of creating a new field and populating it for email and attachment records.  

 Note: If you want the simpler approach, complete step 1 and then skip to step 4, and use field name DateSent in the Run Command. Remember it is not recommended to populate email metadata in non-email records if you will later be exporting metadata values. 

DataSent Image 1

  1. Install the Copy Parent Field To Attachment run command on your workstation.

Obtain the zip file and instructions for LAW run commands from the link below: https://answercenter.ediscovery.co/litigation/ac/law_documentation/7.8RunCommands.zip

Unzip the file.

Close LAW on your workstation.

Copy the Copy Parent Field To Attachment.txt file under the Copy Parent Field to Attachment – entire case folder to C:\Program Files (x86)\LAW50\Run Commands and rename the file extension from .txt to .vbs. Note: there is a different run command that works on a tagged set of records only. Please see the instructions in that folder if interested in using that command instead of updating the entire case.


  2.  Create a DateSort field.

Access the Index menu option from the main LAW view and select Modify.

Click the green Add Field plus sign in the upper left.

Add field DateSort (or name of your choosing.)

 Select Document-Level from the Table drop-down and Date from the Type drop-down. 

DataSent Image 2

Click OK and Save the new field.

Close the Modify Fields dialog box.


  3.  Copy DateSent to DateSort.

If you have a large case, this step is faster if you isolate email records in your Grid view but isn’t necessary.

Include the DateSent and DateSort fields in Grid view.

Highlight the DateSent field and select the Copy icon on the tool bar. 

DataSent Image 3

Now highlight the DateSort field and select the Paste icon on the tool bar.

** Be sure the Copy Column dialog is confirming you are copying from DateSent to your sorting field!**

DataSent Image 4

After clicking Yes, DateSort should now populate for email records but not yet for attachment records.

DataSent Image 5


  4.  Copy the DateSort email parent values to attachment records.

Close the Grid view.

From the main view of LAW, select Tools > Run Command > Copy Parent Field To Attachment (See step 1 if you do not see this command on your workstation.)

Select OK on the proceed dialog box.

Enter DateSort and select OK.

Datasent Image 6

A dialog box will let you know how many records were updated. Select OK.



  5.  Use Grid View to QC your results:

DataSent Image 7

See how the attachment record indicated by AttachLvl = 1 now has the same DateSort as the parent in the record above it?