Reviewing Custodians

  1. From the Case Manager tab, double-click on the desired Case to open it, and then navigate to the Import sub-tab.

  2. Expanding/Collapsing Custodians:  Click the CaseDashboardImportExpandCustodians button to expand all custodians, and the CaseDashboardImportCollapseCustodians button to collapse all custodians.
  3. To expand or collapse a single custodian, click the CaseDashboardImportExpandCustodian button for the desired custodian.


  4. Filtering Custodians by Name:  Enter a custodian name or string into the box provided at the top-left. The custodian list will update in real-time, displaying only matching custodians.
  5. Clear the custodian name filter box to display all custodians again.


  6. Viewing Custodian Statistics:  Expand the desired custodian, and then click the CaseDashboardImportExpandCustodianStatistics button to further expand the Statistics for that custodian.
  7. For more information on these custodian statistics, refer to the Custodian Maintenance Answer Center topic.