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  3. Section 5: Administrative Functions

Project Enrollments and Rights

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  1. Located in the top tool bar under projects.
  1. Select update and then select the project to update.
  1. Enrollment (Multiple users can be selected at one time).
    • Enroll and unenroll users from the project.
  1. Rights- Rights (Multiple users can be selected at one time).
    • Access Level:
    • Admin: can update project maintenance items (items in this section).
    • User: has access to the project and rights granted.
    • Reviewer: only have access to review sets when enabled. If not enabled, they have access to the full database but not search.



All Rights: Gives user all rights below.

    • Document Rights:
    • Create Global Fields: Users can add fields to the DB for all.
    • Edit Global Fields: Users can update Global Fields.
    • Bulk Tag: User can use Group Tagging.
    • Annotate Tag Documents: User can annotate and redact.
    • Download Document: Users can download all versions of the document.
    • Print Document: Users can print images.
    • Reporting Rights:
    • Audit Log Report: Users can run the Audit Log.
    • Metadata Report: Users can run the Metadata report.
    • Searching Rights:
    • Full Text Searching: Uses can perform Full Text searches.
  1. Rights- Filters (Multiple users can be selected at one time)
    • View Rights:
    • Hide Image Tab: restricts user’s access to the Image.
    • Hide Native Tab: restricts user’s access to the Native.
    • Hide Text Tab: restricts user’s access to the Text.
    • Hide HTML Tab: restricts user’s access to the HTML
    • Filter Rights:
    • Users can use search criteria to restrict a user to only see records that match the search results.
  1. Fields (Multiple users can be selected at one time).
    • Selected fields will be available to view and search in the project.
    • Fields can be sorted to only show All/User/ System fields.
  1. Invitations:

Existing users can be selected on the left-hand side.

New users or users not under your account can be input via email.

    • You can use a semicolon (;) between email addresses to add multiple addresses.
    • Select Apply to verify email addresses.
    • Select access level.
    • Select expiration date: This only disables the invitation past the date. If a user accepts the invite, they will have access until removed or project is deleted.
    • Select user rights.
    • Submit: The invite will be sent via email.