Loading Existing Export Sets/Profiles

  1. From the Case Manager tab, double-click on the desired Case to open it, and then navigate to the Export sub-tab.

  2. Loading Export Sets:  Start by clicking the Manage... link at the top-left to open the Manage Exports window.


  3. From here, do the following:
    1. Use the radio buttons under the Active column to select the desired export set.
    2. Click Done at the bottom-right to load that set.

  4. Loading Export Profiles:  With the desired export set loaded, click the Load... link at the middle-left to open a File Explorer.
  5. From the File Explorer, navigate to and select the desired export profile, and then click Open at the bottom-right to load it.

    💡 LAW Direct Exports cannot use profiles created for Native Exports, and vice versa. Native Subset Exports cannot use profiles at all.