CloudNine Analyst: How do I Edit CloudNine Analyst Project Information?

How to Edit CloudNine Analyst Project Information

There may be times that you want to change the project name, add attachments or update project information. 
To edit a project, you need to be in the project you would like to edit. After selecting your project, you will see a way to edit your project in "Project Options" and an edit icon at the top of your project.

Once you click to edit the project you are taken to the same page where you created your account. You can rename projects, add notes, add attachments, etc. to communicate protocols or important information to the team.   You can also set a project TIMEZONE.  This will control display of timestamps throughout the project in the DATE TIME STAMP (ADJ) field.  
 Note if no PROJECT TIMEZONE is specified then the DATE TIME STAMP (ADJ) will reflect the TIMEZONE of your user profile.
You can also upload attachments like esi protocol, contact list or any other files that may help the case team.
You can update the information and click SAVE.