CloudNine Analyst: How to Download an Export with ESI Sync

How to Download an Export with ESI Sync

When you wish to download an export you have your choice do so through the ESI Analyst user interface, or through ESI Syncs Exports interface.
To navigate to the Exports interface, click on "Exports" in the top menu of the main screen.
If you are shown a blank list of Exports in ESI Sync, click the Refresh Exports button in the top left.

Once you have loaded your list of exports, you may select a folder to download by clicking "Choose Folder" next to the respective export.
You must configure a folder before you are able to download an export.
Once you've selected a folder for an export, it should display in the row and you can now click Download.

You will be asked to confirm your download.  Click Yes and the download will proceed, downloading the export and all related files into the selected folder.
Once finished, you can click Show Folder to open the folder in your operating system file browser.

⚠️When opening CSV and Excel attachments be cautious of Scripts and Macros embedded in these files.