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How do I undock and reclaim software license keys?

Undocking software license keys from the License Manager for LAW 6.18 plus.

From the License Manager, you can specify the licenses you want to check out and the length of time they are checked out. Licenses will also be reclaimed using the License Manager.


To undock keys:

  1. Open the License Manager
  2. Select 'Undock'
  3. The Select Licenses to Undock window opens.
  4. Select the desired licenses.
  5. Enter the date for your the licenses to expire (The date must be one day ahead of the current date). Note: Undocked licenses expire at midnight on the day of expiration. 
  6. Select 'OK' to check out the selected licenses.
  7. The Licenses Undocked Successfully window will open when the licenses are successfully checked out.
  8. To view the currently undocked licenses, use the 'Clients' button.

To reclaim undocked keys:

  1. Open the License Manager.
  2. Select Reclaim Undock.
  3. The licenses that were checked out will now be available under the Free column.
  4. Note: expired licenses need to be reclaimed before they can be reused.





Published by: Dave Reaves & Curtis Atkins