How Do I Suspend and Resume a Turbo Import Case?

Suspending a Turbo Import Case during import.

Important: This action prevents all agents from working on the case. You may lift the suspension when desired.


  1. Go to the ‘In Progress tab’ and select ‘Suspend Case’.

  2. Once an agent has stopped work, the agent will be cleared from the Agent Activity grid.

  3. The case is now in a Suspended state, and the Suspend Case button changes to Activate Case.

  4. Case status will display ‘Suspended’ in the upper right corner of the In Progress screen of the LAW Turbo Import case, alerting all users that the case is in a suspended import status.

  5. To Resume Processing,  change the Suspend Case button by clicking 'Activate Case'

  6. The status will change to ‘In Progress’ and importing will resume.

  7. An ‘In Progress’ message will be displayed on the In Progress tab of the LAW Turbo Import menu, alerting all users that work has been resumed.





Published by: Dave Reaves & Curtis Atkins