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How do I sort documents?

Documents may be sorted in either ascending or descending, alphabetic order based on the "sort" field that is selected. The sort field can be any indexed field. 

Sorting the Database – user can sort the database by any single field viewable by user. User can choose the field to be sorted and the sort order (ascending or descending) for that field.

Click the “sort” drop-down menu. Available list of fields to sort will appear. To edit this list, see “Selecting Fields to View” above. Select by clicking field name. Once selected, database will refresh. Documents will now be sorted by the field most recently selected. Field values will now also appear in the document list. (See “document list”).

NOTE: The default sort is “CloudNine Doc Id” 

If sorting by a field that is not complete for every document, (i.e. imagefilename, date, ect.) the documents with an empty field will display first.

Ascending/Descending sort - the documents contained in the field selected in the “sort” drop-down menu can now be sorted by ascending or descending order. The default sort order is A to Z.

a. Click the “A to Z” drop-down menu.
b. Choose either: "ascending" or "descending"