How Do I Pause and Resume ED Loader Import?

This article outlines the steps to pause and resume an import in ED Loader.

To Pause or Cancel a session:

  1. Select 'Cancel' and follow the prompts.

  2. Safe Cancel (Delayed, Recommended) stops processing when the current item is complete.

    When the session is resumed, all items will import.

  3. Normal Cancel immediately cancels an import and may result in incomplete items.

  4. Continue will stop the cancel process.

To Resume a session:

  1. On the File menu, select ‘Import’ and then ‘Electronic Discovery’.

  2. Inside ED Loader, choose File>Open Session.
  3. Inside the Session Browser, incomplete sessions have a status of 'Cancelled' (recoverable).

  4. Select the desired session and select 'Resume'.
  5. The incomplete session will restart.

Note: when restarting import sessions

  • Only sessions initialized from current workstation will resume.
  • Sessions that end unexpectedly due to a crash may generate a restart prompt when the ED Loader is re-launched from the same machine in the same LAW case.
  • If the connection to a SQL Server is lost during the ED Loader import process, the ED Loader will display a notification on the Progress dialog just above the total progress bar. During this time, the Loader will attempt to reconnect to the database and continue processing. The import process can be stopped at this time by selecting 'Cancel'.





Published by: Dave Reaves