How do I number documents in LAW?

Document numbering assigns numbers to documents or pages. This assigns alphanumeric values, such as Page ID to each page of a document in order for the page to be reliably paired with an image file.

***Document-level fields may also be numbered using this process.


To configure numbering of documents and pages:

  1. From the main window of LAW: from the Tools menu, click ‘Options’.
  2. Click the Numbering tab.

Configure numbering options. These options are described as follows:
Document Numbering_image 1


To run a document numbering batch process:

  1. From the main form: from the Tools menu, click ‘Batch Process’.
    Document Numbering_image 2
  2. Select the documents to number.
  3. In the Processes area, select ‘Document Numbering’.
    Document Numbering_image 3
  4. Select ‘Page’ or ‘Document’.
  5. Select the number to apply from the ‘Target Field’ list.
  6. Type a starting number.
    1. The value will increment by one for each document or page.

    2. Click ‘Begin’.







    Published by: Dave Reaves