How do I find an attachment in a specific query?

Assists with finding attachments through searching specific queries.

  1. Open an existing Concordance database.
    Query Attachments_Image 1
  2. Click on 'Tools' and select 'Preferences'.
    Query Attachments_Image 2
  3. Click on the radio button in the Attachment area and select the 'Attach Range' or 'Begin Attach'.
  4. Select the field related to the attachments. (AttachRange, BegAttach, EndAttach, ParentID, etc.)
  5. Select ‘Apply’ and click ‘OK’.
    Query Attachments_Image 3
  6. Next, go to the query to locate the attachments.
    Query Attachments_Image 4
  7. Click ‘Search’ and select ‘Find Attachments’.
    Query Attachments_Image 5
  8. Concordance finds the attachment for the specific query.

Query Attachments_Image 6


*Recommended field type for attachment fields: Paragraph

*If your Field Name contains (-) or underscore (_), add the (-) or (_) in the punctuation under 'File'> 'Modify' and index the database before using the find attachment feature.

Query Attachments_Image 7





Published by: Shahab Nikpeyman