How do I endorse documents?

This article summarizes the steps to create Endorsements within documents in LAW. Endorsements are initiated either from the Main or Grid view.

  1. Click the ‘Tools’ tab from the top ribbon.
  2. Next, click ‘Batch Process’.
    Endorce_image 1

    NOTE: (you can click on the batch processing icon instead)
    Endorce_image 2
  3. The Batch Processing window opens.

  4. Next, check ‘Endorse Image’. This indicates you want to endorse each page of each document.

    **If you only want to endorse the first page of each document, check ‘First page only’.

    Endorce_image 3

  5. Select the ‘Options’ tab in the upper left corner.

  6. Select ‘Header/Footer’.

    Endorce_image 4

  7. From here you can choose which area you want to apply a Header or Footer.
  8. You have the option to place an endorsement on the left, center, or right sections of the Header or Footer.

    Endorce_image 5

  9. In the above example, we placed static endorsements in the left and center header sections, and Left Footer section. These values appear the same for each page of each document.

  10. We also placed variable endorsements in the Right Header and Footer. These values will change depending on the given value for the field selected.

  11. You can click ‘Preview’ at the bottom of the menu to display the endorsement appearance before running the process.

    Endorce_image 6

  12. If the endorsements look good, click ‘OK’,

  13. Select ‘OK’ again to go back to the Batch Processing menu.

  14. Select the ‘Endorse’ checkbox, and click ‘Begin’ to initiate the Endorsements of documents selected in the Batch Processing menu.

  15. Once the process is complete, you can review the results of the process.

    Endorce_image 7






Published by: Curtis Atkins