How do I Create an eDOC database using Raw Natives Files?

Creating Edoc databases using file types: PDF, Excel, Word, HTML, PPT, etc.

  1. Copy all raw data into a folder. (You can also use subfolders)

  2. Create a new folder for the location where you want to save the database.Create eDOC databases image 1-1
  3. Click ‘File’ and Select ‘New’. then Click ‘Yes’.
  4. Select ‘E-documents’.Create eDOC databases image 2-1
  5. Browse to the location where your data is stored. (You can copy and paste the address in the file path instead of manual browsing)Create eDOC databases image 3-1
  6. Browse to the location where your database will be stored and type the database name in the filename.
    Create eDOC databases image 4-1
    Create eDOC databases image 5-1
  7. If you like to customize your Starting number, Add Prefix, or change the field name Select Customize. (You can skip this step if you like your DOCID will be 000001)
  8. After Customizing, select 'Ok' and  'Import'.Create eDOC databases image 6-1
  9. Concordance will begin importing the data and creating your eDOC database. 
  10. When the import is finished, select 'Open' to open the database.
  11. Your eDOC database is complete and ready to use.
  12. select 'File' and 'Index'.





Published by: Shahab Nikpeyman