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Field list and Definition in CloudNine Review

Internal Name Display Name  Field Type
DocNumber CloudNine DocID Number
imagefilename Image Filename Text
textfilename Text FileName Text
nativefilename Native FileName Text
fileext Native FileName Ext Text
_familygroupid Family Group ID Number
_imagetimestamp Image created date Data
_imageconversionerror Image Slip Sheeted Yes/No
_edfolder Original Path Text
_filesize File Size Number
_to To Text
_from From Text
_cc CC Text
_bcc BCC Text
_sentdate Sent Date Data
_subject Subject Text
_attachments Attachments Text
_delivereddate Delivered Date Data
_revisionnumber Revision Number Number
_lastsavedby Last Saved By Text
_lastprinteddate Last Printed Date Data
_lastsaveddate Last Saved Date Data
_createddate Created Date Data
_modifieddate Modified Date Data
_author Author Text
_computer Computer Text
_uploadname Upload Name Text
_dateuploaded Upload Date Text
_nativemd5hash Native MD5 Hash Text
_conversationthreadid Conversation Thread ID Text
_bocred OCRed Yes/No