CloudNine Analyst - Known Issues and Behavior

Search Hit Results - First item doesn't contain the term or phrase

When search results are returned, the first item may NOT include the search criteria, but the 24-hour thread will. CloudNine Analyst treats all search results with the 24-hour thread as a single searchable document.

Attachments from a UFDR only showing a link

When importing from a UFDR, CloudNine Analyst will only import and display media that was collected and available to upload. There are certain file types that aren't supported at this time for conversion like XYZ. Common file types like HEIC, JPG, JPEG, PNG, MOV will automatically display or play when you click the conversion links or play button, but some files may need to be converted in CloudNine Analyst before playing. 
If you see (file not available) showing in the attachment it means the file isn't there, but may provide a link to view that item like a YouTube video or link to a web address.