CloudNine Analyst: Can I Delete an Import?

Yes, you can delete an import.

 The ability to delete an import was released in version 2022.11.001, imports before this release cannot be deleted. If an import cannot be deleted, the caution  Caution  icon is displayed in the DELETE column. 

If you have Admin, Client Admin, or Project Admin access rights you can delete an import. 

To Delete an Import

  1. On your ESI Analyst Dashboard select a Project. The Project Dashboard appears. From the top menu select imports, or from the right fly-out menu select Imports under Project Options
    Project Imports
  2.  The Imports page launches and displays a list of all imports for the project. The last column is DELETE. If the DELETE column shows a trash can trashiconicon the import can be deleted. If the DELETE column shows a warning Caution icon the import cannot be deleted (see Why can't I delete). Select the import that needs to be deleted and click the trash can trashiconicon.
  3.  A confirmation message box displays the number of records that will be deleted. Verify the record count then click CONFIRM to proceed with the deletion. NOTE: This action is permanent and cannot be undone.  If you decide you do not want to delete the import close the message box by clicking the in the top right corner. 

    Delete Confirm
  4. After confirming, a second message appears. Click the X to close the message box. 

  5.  For reference purposes, the deleted import is still visible in the import list.  The STATUS and DELETE columns display a warning icon. If you hover your mouse over the icon a message indicates This Import is deleted.

  6.  When all records and supporting files are deleted, you will receive an email notification that the deletion is complete. 

Deleting an Import is permanent all items and supporting files related to the import will be removed. 


Why Can't I Delete an Import? 

If the DELETE column displays the warning Caution icon as opposed to the trash can trashiconicon the import cannot be deleted. Hover over the warning icon to see the corresponding message. Messages may be: 

  • Delete option is not available for this import: Most likely this import was completed in a version before 2022.11.001 and is not supported. 
  • This import is deleted: The import has already been deleted.