CloudNine Analyst: Downloading Companion Applications for CloudNine Analyst

Downloading Companion Applications for CloudNine Analyst

As with any cloud-based application, it is important to have the ability to upload evidence and associated data from your local environment. Doing so is easy with our companion applications. 
CloudNine Analyst provides companion applications for download available via your account's "home" page. You will see these listed on your account page when you initially access CloudNine  Analyst. To return to this page, navigate to " My Account" located under " Account Management" in the right-hand fly-out menu.
Below each companion application is the last updated date time. 
It is always important to check to ensure you have the most recent release. Check the date last updated to make sure you're working with the latest companion application.
To understand more about each companion application and its use, please visit the appropriate section of our help site. Each will be listed under their corresponding application names.