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Creating Review Sets

Click here to watch a video overview.


Review Sets

How to create a Review Set

1. Hover over the three dots on the project and select the Review Maintenance icon
2. Enter Review Name:
             a. Short Name (This is what will appear on the project)
             b. Description
             c. Instruction
3. Select Reviewers (additional reviewers can always be added later)
4. Documents to be added to the review set
             a. All Documents
             b. Saved search
             c. Tags
5. Fields to be visible
6. Units of works
             a. Documents per review batch
             b. Keep families together in a batch
7. Summary Review (insure all options were selected correctly)
8. A dialog box will appear to confirm you would like to create the set and then take you to the
review set dashboard once set is created.

How to enter and user review sets

1. Click on a project and the option to enter the Full Project or Review Set will open. (If a user
    is set up as a reviewer, they will only be able to enter a review set)
2. To open a batch, select the shopping cart at the to left to check a batch out. Only one user
     can view a single batch at a time.
3. The screen will be broken into 4 parts
a. The top bar
                  i. Navigation/Marking Documents as Reviewed
                  ii. Review Set Instructions
                  iii. Progress bar
                  iv. Check In/Out
b. Document Viewer
                   i. 4 tabs Image/Native/ Text/ HTML
c. Metadata panel
                    i. Will contain selected fields set by the creator
d. The bottom bars
                    i. Blue squares represent the Documents
                    ii. Orange bars indicate a family group
                    iii. Orange dot on the document icon show a tag has been applied to a record
4. Navigation can be done either using the icons on the top bar or clicking on the document
5. Navigation options
             a. Go to Previous: moves back one document
             b. Go to Next (only): moves forward one document
             c. Mark Reviewed and Go to Next: Marks the documents reviewed and moves forward
                  one document
             d. Mark Reviewed and Go to Next (Not Reviewed): Marks the documents reviewed and
                 moves to the next unreviewed document
6. Checking batches in
              a. Batches can be checked in with out all records being reviewed but will be still be in
              the pool of available batches.
              b. A prompt will occur when all documents have been reviewed to check the batch in.
              This batch will no longer be in the pool of available batches.

Review Set Maintenance

1. Hover over the three dots on the project and select the Review Maintenance icon
2. Select the Review Set you would like to view
3. You have four options inside your project
               a. Dashboard: High level over view of your review statistics
               b. Settings: Options for the Review Set
               c. Reviewers: Reviewer statistics and managing users
               d. Batches: Individual batch statistics
4. Dashboard overview
                a. Reviewers: Number of Reviewers who can access the Review Set
                b. Review Batches: Number of batches created in this Review Set
               c. Docs Per Batch: Size of the batches when the review set was created
               d. Checked Out Batches: Number of batches currently check out by a reviewer
                e. Docs In Review: Number of total documents in this Review Set
                f. Docs Reviewed: Number of documents that have been marked reviewed in this
                 Review Set
                g. Complete (%): Percentage of Review Set marked as Reviewed
                h. Gig Count: Total GB size for all documents in this review set
                 i. Man Hours Used: Time spent reviewing records in the Review Set
                 j. Man Hours Remaining (est): Time remaining based on the speed of the documents
                already reviewed. Size or page count is not used in the calculation only document
5. Settings Overview
                 a. Short Name: Renaming project
                 b. Description: Updating project description
                c. Instructions: Updating project instruction
                d. Disable this review set?: Disables the review set so that it no longer appears when
                    entering the project. No work product or settings are lost.
                e. Change review set columns and order: Allows you to add or rearrange fields in the
                   review set for all user assigned to it.
                f. Delete this review set: Deletes the Review Set. No tagging or work product is
                    deleted in the database.
6. Reviewer Overview
                 a. Add Reviewer: Allows you to add reviewers enrolled in the project to the Review Set
                 b. Refresh: Updates stats on the reviewers
                 c. Individual review options
                                i. Reviewer Is Enabled/Disabled: allows you to remove/ a reviewer from
                                   accessing the Review Set or If a user is disabled you can reenable access to
                                    the Review Set.
                                ii. Docs Reviewed: Number of documents reviewed by the reviewer
                                iii. Batches Completed: Number of batches completed by the reviewer
                                iv. Avg Docs Per Hour: Average number of documents reviewed per hour by
                                     the reviewer
                                v. Time Spent: Time spent reviewing records but the reviewer
                                vi. Total Contribution: Percentage of the review set reviewed by the individual
                               vii. Timeline (72 hours): documents reviewed in the last 72 hours
                               viii. Timeline (30 days): Documents reviewed in the last 30 Days
                               ix. QC (Search): Search all records reviewed by the reviewer
                               x. Individual Tags: show all Yes/No field in the review set and the percentage
                                      of records tagged by the reviewer that have been reviewed
7. Batches Overview
                 a. Progress: Percentage of the batch that has been reviewed
                 b. Docs: Number of records in the batch
                 c. Reviewed: Number of records reviewed in the batch
                  d. Undo Checkout: Undo the check in of the batch.
                  e. Quick Search: Allows you to see the records in the batch
                  f. Tagging: Show the number and percentage of records tagged in the batch 

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