Do you have videos I can watch to learn more about CloudNine Solutions?

Yes! Get started by clicking on a CloudNine product solution listed below.


  • CloudNine Analyst: Provides processing, analysis, and review of Modern Data across all communication sources. 
  • CloudNine Review: A powerful, yet easy-to-use online review tool that is available to host your litigation document collections. 
  • CloudNine Discovery Portal: Integrating workflows across multiple platforms to move eDiscovery data fast and efficiently. 
  • CloudNine Explore: Investigate issues, assess risk, confirm compliance and begin early case assessment quickly and easily.
  • CloudNine LAW: Streamline your discovery process with the most comprehensive processing, imaging, and production solution on the market. 
  • CloudNine Concordance: Accurate and fast review of critical eDiscovery documents for legal professionals prioritizing cost recovery.