CloudNine Review: Is there a way for me to obtain a report on search terms?

Use the Search Term List option to obtain reports on search terms.

The Search Term List is a powerful feature in CloudNine Review that allows users to identify the total number of term hits within the database, the number of documents the term hits on, and the total document with family counts. Once the Search Term List is generated it can be downloaded to a report for distribution. Search Term Lists are saved and can be easily updated when new data is added. 

Accessing the Project Search Page

  1. In CloudNine Review, select the Project from the My Project page. Your project is open and records are displayed in your selected view. 
  2. Click the Advance Search button located at the top right of the page. 
    Advance Search
  3. The Project Search page appears with the Advance Search Builder selected. Additional search tools are listed on the menu at the left. 

Create Search Term Lists

Follow the steps below to create a Search Term List.

  1. Select Search Term Lists from the Search menu. 
  2. Click Create New under the Search Term List section. 
  3. Enter a required Search Term List Name
  4. Type or Paste terms, up to 1000, in the Search Terms box. 
  5. Click Create. The Search Term List message appears.  
  6. Close the message. The Search Term table is displayed with a Waiting... status.  
  7. While the Search Term List is building, you can continue to work in the project. You will receive an email when the Search Term List is complete. 

Note: While a Search Term List is running it is recommended that you do not perform the following processes: Filtering, Importing, Deleting, and Index Updates.

Reviewing Search Term Lists

Created Search Term Lists appear on the project search page under the Search Term Lists menu. Click Advanced Search to return to the project search page. In the search menu, select Search Term Lists

Here you can view the results of the Search Term List and download the results. 


  1. Search Term List: Lists Search Term List names. Select a Search Term List name to see the search term hit results table. 
  2. Message Center: Provides any message related to the selected search term.
  3. Search Term Table: Displays the Search Term List results. 
  4. Delete Search Term list: Deletes the selected Search Term List. 
  5. Update Search Term Counts: Updates an existing Search Term List. 
  6. Download: Select to create a Search Term List report in PDF format. 

Downloading the Search Term List Report

Click the Download button to download the report in PDF format. A Downloading... message appears, once the download completes the report will open. 


Search Term List Field

When you create your first Search Term List, the Search Term List field is created in the database. The field is a multi-list field type, adding new Search Term Lists as values to the field. Records are tagged with their corresponding Search Term List and can easily be queried for further review.