CloudNine Review: How do I manage my productions?

Manage Productions

When the production is ready, you will receive an email notification that it is available for download.

On the Home screen or in a Project, select Activity ->Productions. The Productions screen opens.  


Productions are organized by My Productions, listing productions created by you, and Other Productions, productions created by other users in projects you have administrative and export permission. The Production table lists each production ran along with information about the production including: 

  • Production Export: The Export Name you gave the production. If empty, no production name was given.
  • ID: Unique identifier assigned to each production set in the SQL database.
  • Project: Name of the project the data was exported.
  • UserName: Name of the user who created the production. 
  • First/Last UniqueID: If documents are Renamed To a Unique Identifier then column is updated with the Start and End Unique ID.
  • Production Date: Date the production was ran. 
  • Size: Size of the production.

The Production page is where you will download your self-service productions. This is also where you can delete the productions to prevent any unnecessary hosting fees.


  1. Production Parameters: Downloads a text file of the production settings only. This file is also included in the compressed download file.
  2. Download: Downloads the compressed production.
  3. Delete: Deletes the production and supporting files. 
  4. Close: Closes the Productions screen. 
  5. Include Deleted Productions: Will list productions that have been deleted, the production record exists but is no longer available for download. 

Hosting fees are charged for self-service productions hosted on the server, as per your service agreement.  To avoid hosting fees for production sets, it is recommended that you delete the production after you have downloaded and verified the results.