CloudNine Review: Is there a way to paste multiple values, such as DocId, to quickly search a field?

In Advance Search it is possible to paste a list of term values into certain metadata fields.

In Advance Search, certain fields support the ability to paste a list of values you wish to search for. This is useful if you have a list of specific values, such as DocIDs.

The following fields are supported for importing list values: 

  • DocID

  • Beg Bates

  • End Bates

  • Beg Attached

  • End Attached

  • [Production Beg Bates]

  • [Production End Bates]

  • File Extension

These fields contain two additional search operators: 

  • Equal to Any (OR)
  • Does Not Equal to Any (AND)

The Equal to Any and Does Not Equal to Any are the only two operators that support mass searching. Values must be separated by a line break. 

Searching Multiple Values

  1. On the Project page, select the Advanced Search button in the top right corner. You are now on the project search page with Advance Search Builder selected. 
  2. In the Advanced Search Builder, under Available Fields select one of the supported fields, such as CloudNine DocID.
  3. For the Operator select Equal to Any or Does not Equal to Any. Notice how the Value box expands to add multiple entries. Type or paste multiple values into the Value box. A hard return should separate each value
  4. Click Add to Search.
  5. Search Expression is listed, notice the expression shows "List of Values Entered".  
  6. Click Search to run the search and review the records in your selected view. 

Multi-Value search limitations: 

    • 250,00 records of combined values, 
    • 25MB of combined values, and
    • 250 characters max per line.