CloudNine Review: Is there a way to obtain a report on the total Online Billable GB size?

The Billable GB Report can be generated to determine the GB size of online billable data.

CloudNine understands how important it is to track the current billable size for online projects. The Billable GB Report details the total billable size, current size, production sizes, and the high watermark for the month.

The Billable GB Report helps you stay informed of billable data sizes throughout the month and easily identify what is billable to your customers. The Billable GB Report will include all the active projects to which you have admin-level access.

Accessing the Billable GB Report

  1. On the My Project Home Page, or within a project on the menu bar you should see your account name at the top right corner. Click on your account name, to see menu options, and select Account

  2. A message Loading Account Information appears, and then the My Account screen opens. Select Reports.

  3. You will see a list of available reports. Select Billable GB Report.  The Report will be generated and automatically download. 
  4. On your Web Browser, click the Download option to view your Recent download history
  5. Open the BillableGB Report.xlsx to review the results. 

Billable GB Report

The following fields are available on the Billable GB Report: 

  • Display Name: The name of the project. 
  • Create Date: The date the project was created. 
  • Creator Email: User who created the project. 
  • Current GB:  Size of the data being stored. 
  • Productions in the Last 30 Days (GB): Total size of productions ran in the last 30 days. 
  • Stored Self-Service Production over 30 days (GB): Any self-service productions stored longer than 30 days. 
  • High Water Mark (Month/Year): The GB size for the current month. 
  • Total Billable (GB): The sum of: 
    • Productions in the last 30 days,
    • Stored self-service productions, and
    • High Water Mark.