CloudNine Discovery Portal - Law Cloud: How do I send data for processing in Law Cloud?

CloudNine Discovery Portal provides an easy-to-use workflow for on-demand solutions for processing in Law Cloud.


  1. Launch CloudNine Discovery Portal and the Welcome (home) to CloudNine Discovery Portal screen appears. 
  2. In the left column, under Select Data From: left-click to select File System (e.g. File Share, Hard Drive, Forensic Image, etc). 
  3. Select Law Cloud from the right column: Review Data Using
  4. Click Continue. 
  5. At this time you are prompted to log in. Use your CloudNine Review login credentials to sign in. You are now on the Name your Law Cloud Case screen. 
  6. On the Name your Law Cloud Case screen:
    • Case Name (1): Type the desired Case Name based on the case naming policies you have in place.
    • TimeZone (2): Use the drop-down to select the TimeZone you wish the case to be processed to. Your current time zone is selected by default. 
    • Click Next (3) to advance to the Select Data for Upload screen. 
  7. On the Select Data for Upload screen, there are two methods to select your data: 
    • Drag/Drop: Drag the files/folder(s) you wish to process. 
    • File/Folder selection: click Browse... and either Add Files or Add Folders to navigate and select the files and/or folders you wish to load. 
    • All top-level files are listed. If you hover over a selected file you will see the entire path. 
    • You can remove a file by hovering over the filename and clicking on the trashcan icon. The file is removed and will not be imported. 
  8. When you have selected all the folders/files you wish to upload, click Next to advance to the Confirm & Upload screen. 
  9. The Confirm & Upload screen provides a summary of what you are going to upload.
    • (1) Upload from: Indicates the workflow type, File System, and  Total of files selected for upload. Verify the count is correct keeping in mind only top-level files are counted. 
    • (2) Uploading to: Shows where the upload is going, Law Cloud, and the Case name you wish the upload to go to. 
    • (3) Notes & Comment: Input important information about the project.
    • (4) Import Notes: Use this to import a text file that contains information about the project. 
    • (5) Start Upload: Begins uploading the data. 
    Review your File selection, Case name, and add any Comments about the case. Use the Back option if you need to make any changes.  Click Start Upload when you are ready to begin the upload process. 
  10. When the upload is started, you will be taken to the Global Monitoring Console