CloudNine Discovery Portal: Global Monitoring Console

Global Monitoring Console

Once the upload is initiated, it appears in the Global Monitoring Console.  From here, you can review uploads In Progress and Completed.

The Global Monitoring Console can be accessed at any time from the Welcome (Home) screen by clicking the GlobalMonitorConsoleButton button on the bottom left. 


Card View


  1. Views: There are two views for the Global Monitoring Console: Card View CardView (illustrated above) and Grid View GridViewoption. (illustrated below). Both views provide the same general information about the upload. 
  2. Totals: Total number of all Uploads, Document Count, and Size that are listed and not archived in the Global Monitoring Console. 
  3. Search Uploads...: Search for active uploads either by Upload name or Project/Case Name
  4. Upload Information: Provides upload information such as Upload Type, Case (Project), and Upload or Custodian name. 
  5. Menu Options: You can use the Menu1 (card view) or Menu2 (grid view) to open additional menu options. Options include: 
    • Cancel: Only available for uploads that are In Progress. Allows you to abort the upload. 
    • Archive: Flags the upload as archived, removing it from the console. Log files are not deleted. 
    • Show Log: Opens the log file from the upload, providing further information about the import and whether it is successful. 
  6. Status: Provides the state of the upload. In card view, the status is visually illustrated. You can hover your mouse over the status icon for additional information. In the list view, review the Status column. 
    • Progress Bar Status: Status of an active upload. 
    • CompleteCompleteStatus:  The upload/data parsing step is complete and the data has been received by CloudNine, loading to the selected CloudNine application has begun. You will receive a series of emails during this process, with a final email when the project is available. 
    • Failurefailure: The upload failed to complete. Review the log file for information that caused the failure.  
    • Cancel Cancel: Upload was canceled by the user. 
  7. Upload Information: Provides information about the upload that includes Document count, Size, and Errors. For Slack 
  8. Information: Specific to CloudNine Analyst UFDR and Slack. Hover your mouse over the Information icon to read the popup. 
  9. Home: Returns you to the Welcome page. 

📝Upload log files can be found in: C:/ProgramData/CloudNine/DiscoveryPortal/Logs

Grid View