CloudNine Analyst: What is DUO Two-Factor Authentication?

How to use DUO Two-Factor Authentication with CloudNine Analyst.

CloudNine Analyst uses DUO Two-Factor Authentication for the purpose of increased security when accessing your CloudNine Analyst platform(s). When you access CloudNine Analyst you will type in your Email address and Password. Once entered, you will see the Duo authentication options. Your initial log-in will require you to establish your Duo authentication method (see Configuring Duo) once setup is complete, you will be able to successfully log in to CloudNine Analyst. 

Note: In November 2023 CloudNine Analyst was updated to support the latest version of DUO two-factor authentication. Existing CloudNine Analyst users will experience minimal changes. 

Existing  CloudNine Analyst User Log-in Experience

Initial Configuration DUO Two-Factor Authentications 

Existing CloudNine Analyst User Log-in Experience

Once Duo has been configured, subsequent logins will automatically prompt you with the Duo two-factor authentication method selected. 

  1. Connect to your CloudNine Analyst platform. 
  2. Enter your EMAIL ADDRESS and PASSWORD, then click LOG IN.
  3. The Duo Authentication screen appears, based on the method you have selected. 
    1.  DUO Push (Recommended): If you configured DUO Push, the Check for a Duo Push appears. Here you will complete the authentication method using the device you installed Duo Mobile. 
    2. Text Code authentication: There are other two-factor authentication methods that may be selected. The screenshot below illustrates the prompt you will see when Text Code authentication is selected. 
    3. Other options may be used if necessary, as established during the initial Duo configuration process. 

  4. A Success message appears after you complete the two-factor authentication method, and then the CloudNine Analyst Account Access page appears. 


⚠️ If you select Other options to complete the authentication method. Future logins will default to the authentication used. 

Initial Configuration DuoTwo-Factor Authentication 

Your initial login to CloudNine Analyst will require you to set up your Duo two-factor authentication method.

  1. You will receive an email notification your user account has been established in CloudNine Analyst. Click the login link provided. 
  2. In CloudNine Analyst enter your USERNAME/EMAIL and PASSWORD.
  3. The Welcome to Duo Security prompt appears, click  Next to begin setup. 
  4. The Did you know? screen appears, click Next
  5. The What can you do? screen appears. Click Next
  6. The Select an option screen appears. Here you have two choices: 
    1. Duo Mobile (Recomended): Pushes notification to the device duo is installed to authenticate.  For documentation purposes, this is selected. 
    2. Phone Number: Uses your phone number to send text messages or phone calls. 
  7. For documentation purposes, Duo Mobile is selected. Once selected, the Enter your phone number screen appears. Enter your Phone number, then click Add phone number
  8. Is this correct? screen appears. Verify the phone number is correct, then select Yes, it's correct. 
  9. You are now on the Confirm ownership. Click Send me a passcode.
  10. The Passcode sent prompt appears. Enter the passcode sent to your device.  Then click Verify
  11. Download Duo Mobile prompt appears. If you haven't already, download Duo Mobile on your device, then click Next

  12. You will now receive the Scan this code in Duo Mobile. Go to your device, launch Duo Mobile then select Use QR code to scan and scan the code provided. 
  13. Once Scanned, the Added Duo Mobile screen confirmation appears. Click Continue.
  14. Setup completed confirmation appears. Click Log in with Duo.
  15. The Check for Duo Push prompt appears. Check your device and confirm the authentication. 
  16. Once you have confirmed the authentication with Duo Mobile, a Success prompt appears. 

You have successfully configured Duo two-factor authentication. You should now be on the CloudNine Analyst Account Access page. Future logins to CloudNine Analyst will provide the Check for a Duo push screen. See Existing User Experience.


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Install Duo Mobile 

Download and install Duo Mobile on your phone or tablet from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.