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4.1 - Annotating and Manipulating Images

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When viewing images, use the image tools panel to annotate, manipulate, re-size, redact, or print images. It permits these functions:


Pan                                          Delete

Zoom                                       Note

Best Fit                                    Highlight

Fit Width                                  Free Hand

Full Size                                  Confidential

Rotate                                     Privileged

Print                                         Black Redact

Save                                        White Redact


The image tools panel is found in the top right corner of the viewer frame. Click the Image Tools button to expand the list, and select a feature: (see Figure 36)


Figure 36



After selecting an annotation tool, drag your cursor back over the image and click in the appropriate area to execute the feature (for example, if you are redacting, click and drag a box around the area to redact).